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Why 'Light Soul Ventures'?

Since 2020, I (Danielle) have been organizing longboarding events across the UK and Europe and I often received feedback thanking me for the joy I brought to an event.


I recognised my superpower—raising the vibration of a group, connecting people, and inspiring them.

A good friend described my spirit as a 'light soul' and from this beautiful sentiment, 'Light Soul Ventures' was born.


The mission is simple: to take people on a journey, providing experiences that lift their soul and fill them with joy.


Hi, I'm Danielle

I am a yoga teacher, techie, longboard nerd and dancer on (and off) boards ✨

As a yoga teacher I teach Hatha Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Guided Meditation and Breathwork. I teach in a way that helps you listen to what your body is trying to tell you. My approach embodies playfulness, wisdom, and humor that breaks barriers amidst wellness culture and encourages all shapes and personalities to the mat. Personally, Yoga reminds me every day that we have all the answers we're looking for already, we just have to get quiet and listen. 

On the flip side, my longboarding journey started unexpectedly during my second year at Exeter University. From a whim skateboard purchase to self-taught tricks via YouTube (and the inevitable broken bones), my passion grew with the communities I met along the way and everywhere I went or lived, I would use my board to see beautiful places and connect with others. 


Back in the UK, during 2020 and the pandemic, I co-founded Bristol Girls Longboard. Creating this community brought so many incredible people into my life and I am so proud of it. Collaborations with Longboard Girls Crew UK led to nationwide challenges, representing female skaters on a larger scale and now as part of Longboard Girls Crew Global Staff, I am dedicated to breaking stereotypes and championing women's involvement in longboarding. 

In May 2023 I also joined the Team at Vandem Longboard Shop and Lush Longboards, 2 long standing and really respected brands in the industry 🙌 I also get to talk about longboards all day 🤸🏼‍♀️

Read more about me on my website here

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